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Looking for database developers in hertfordshire? Black Squirrel Computers have many years experience in creating, maintaining and converting many different database systems.

From data cleaning to import projects and conversion between different formats, we can help you develop, upgrade and maintain your database systems in a cost-effective manner.


Intranet based solutions

If you are thinking about developing or upgrading your internal database systems, you should consider implementing an Intranet based solution. An intranet is a local web server hosting your own internal web site within your existing network using exactly the same technologies as the www.

By creating your internal systems using web-based technologies up-front, you will be building in web accessibility for the future. At a suitable point, this would provide extremely low-cost expansion, and a central data-source accessible from anywhere in the world for your customers, remote sales and home workers.
Open-source web technologies like PHP and MySql make bespoke database systems viable to even the smallest business.
You can avoid costly upgrade and license fees for networked database software by using web browsers already installed on your PCs and web server programs that are free and easy to install.


Open database connectivity (ODBC) Integration

If you are using different packages to manage your business, you may well be able to integrate them using ODBC.
You can often increase back office efficiency dramatically by tracking key transactions in core systems and updating other packages from these or by synchronising data sets across different databases.

If you suffer from over-loaded spreadsheet-based reports or month end results that differ from department to department then it could be time to re-group your business data using a centralised database.

Fire Safety Compliance Database

If you are looking for an online database system to manage your fire safety compliance information we can help.
We have developed a structured system that allows you to monitor, schedule and prioritise Fire safety compliance activities. A weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule of tasks can be applied to a property, building or collection of buildings and then allocated to personnel/teams for actioning so that outcomes are recorded and monitored in a timely fashion. Past-due or un-resolved actions are automatically highlighted and reminder emails sent to responsible personnel. Full trace ability of all actions is maintained and reportable by individual items e.g. a fire door or by task e.g. "inspect fire alarm in central hall".
The system uses a customisable hierarchy to organise your data to allow detailed reporting and specific user roles and permissions within that structure. Users receive emails to notify them of outstanding tasks and can upload documents, add notes and quickly report on information that they have permission to access.
It would be possible to quickly adapt the system to suit a wide range of activities, not just Fire Safety Compliance. Any task that involves planning and recording activities across multiple sites, areas, councils, postcodes etc could benefit from using the system.


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